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Our Story

September 22, 2022 2022-09-22 14:40

Our Story


Live Show Seller (LSS) is an advanced social commerce aggregator committed to creating a new way of livestreaming ecommerce and reducing the gap between live sales and retail shops. Fully integrated with multiple popular social media platforms that allows sellers to concurrently do live sales, LSS is THE smart social commerce solution.

A Brand New Look to
Social Commerce

It automates order processing, inventory tracking, checkout and includes advanced AI features like comment summarizer to allow users to monitor and manage comments with ease. In post pandemic times, LSS utilises its strong retail connections to help live sellers gain a strong footing in the world of liveselling ecommerce and aims to be the leader of the social commerce realm. The HQ is grounded in Singapore and their offices have expanded to most Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. They also have offices in Taiwan and Australia. This global strategy ensures that sellers throughout Southeast Asia receive unique and pinpointed support and reach.

Nina Creating A Mobile Live Stream

Global Operations

The operation teams also approach individual sellers online to help and teach them to do live shows. Additionally, they also provide value-add services such as product and host matching, last mile fulfilment and live show content production. Through this, Live Show Seller aims to provide better system integration for live sellers and customers alike to ease the social commerce process, pushing forward a new immersive concept of shopping.

The Team

David Low

Founder/Mentor of Live Show Seller

Founder and mentor of Live Show Seller David Low Chor Hoon has over 43 years of experience in developing and transforming international retail businesses across the globe. He and the management team decided to create Live Show Seller in hopes of educating and bringing Southeast Asian users and the social shopping world up to speed. Their foresight pushed them to launch Live Show Seller even before the pandemic with the aim to create a full immersive shopping experience that all users can enjoy.

David was awarded Top Entrepreneur 2011 by Rotary-ASME and EY’s Entrepreneur of 2016 (Manufacturing Supply Chain) by Ernst & Young and also clinched the EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award and has represented Singapore at the EY’s World Entrepreneur 2017 competition. He is a firm believer in lifelong learning and change and he endeavours to keep sharing his vast experience and perspectives with people around him and to also benefit the younger generations.

James Ho​

COO of Live Show Seller

Live Show Seller’s tech leader James Ho is a seasoned IT practitioner, armed with more than 20 years of technological experience in building a large number of e-Commerce platforms, payment gateways & systems. He has led & built numerous complex missions, critical booking engines for various large international airlines and transportation companies, and FAA certified.

Our Future Prospects

Live Show Seller is expected to become a leading brand and one-stop solution system in the social commerce space. They hope to leverage on their experiences and connections within the retail industry to help live social sellers to gain a foothold in the competitive post-pandemic online shipping arena, while also providing users with an unprecedented, all immersive online shopping experience.

Start your Live Show Seller account today and build the future of live sales with us

Start your Live Show Seller account today
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